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what am i? clues

And now for something kinda random crochet-ey!  I've been putting up progress photos over on my blog, and just for fun, I'm asking if you can guess what it is I'm making. It is a series of 3 things and here are some clues so far:

clue #1
clue #2
clue #3


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Lorenz manifold

Hi hi. This is my first post here, I think. I've been working on the project for a couple of months now. It's a crocheted Lorenz manifold, from a pattern by Dr. Hinke Osinga. I used 15 skeins of mercerized fingering weight cotton and a C hook. It's about 35.5" diameter, with wire woven around the edges, two support inner wires, and an aluminum rod down the center axis. So relieved it is finally done!

3/4 rotation - 9 of 13

Link to blog post 'bout it.

Tunisian Keepsake Pocket Pillow

I came up with this while thinking of something for my students to make after my Tunisian stitch workshop coming up this month.

I posted the Pattern Here if anyone is interested.

photo of the back under the cutCollapse )
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Free Patterns

If anyone has any favorite free patterns online that they would like to share,
comment here with the link(s) and I will add it to this post.
(edit to clarify the purpose of the list)

Pattern List:

Toes Up Crocheted Socks
Baby Snow Dragon
Hyperbolic Hair Scrunchie
Easy Victorian Shell Mitts
Filet Fairy Wall Hanging


This little cap came from a person contacting me about trying to reproduce a crocheted cap that she had bought from a chain store for her granddaughter.

My daughter saw the plain single colored version and said "Mom, I want that in pink and black."

Well, I did it with some changed and my own stitches and now she wears it all of the time. Her 5th grade teacher even loves it and lets my daughter wear it in the classroom lol

Keely's Cap
more picsCollapse )

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Curve Question

I just finished my octopus, and I am free handing a seahorse. How would I do the curve for the tail??? I tried adding stitches and then decreasing, but it seemed to just bunch up? Does this question make sense?

I'm curious...

Ok, This came up in my mind because of what one of my clients said to me this past weekend.

I just did a repair of a crocheted afghan that this woman's MIL made for her daughter. Well, this daughter has kids and the family loves this afghan and you can tell that it is well loved and used.

This woman thinks that her daughter should have never used it and put it away just like her siblings did when their grandmother made them all an afghan. This woman told me that she thinks that these hand made blankets should not ever be used.

So, I made this poll because I am curious what people think about this:

Poll #1084023 What would you do/expect...

If you gave/recieved a crochet afghan as a gift,...

Would you use it or expect the reciepiant to use it
Would you put it away to never be used and think of it as an untouchable heirloom or expect the reciepiant to do the same

Here is the afghan in question, large pics warningCollapse )



Just thought I would drop a little hello also! I am wickedMommy and I hope you guys have fun while you are here. Just like the name of the community says, This is anything and everything about crochet. Don't be shy. If you have questions ask, if you have a new pattern and need testers, post that too!

I hope we can keep things friendly, and feel free to share what you are working on now. So come on and share. Either in comments here, or go ahead and post so we can all drool over your work.

What I am working on, is The Crochet Dude's Monet Afghan and a few dolls for various people. I don't know what I want to make next, but I am sure I will soon enough.



Welcome to random_crochet, where we hope to have some fun with anything and everything to do with crochet!

Your mods here are: midknight_starr and wickedmommy

As long as everyone plays nice, the only rules will be:

~No flaming and putting down other peoples work, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't bother posting. Constructive criticism is welcome though.
~If the photo is over 500 px on the longest side, or your posting more than 1 photo, please use an LJ Cut. Yes, there are still some people on dial-up.
~Please tag your entries for mem purposes, especially for patterns.
~And most important: HAVE FUN!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to post here with them.



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