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Anything and Everything about Crochet
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Anything and Everything about Crochet
Very simple: anything and everything to do about crochet.

Post pics of WIPs, finished projects, questions, patterns, fandom related projects. Need testers for your patterns, post your request here! Whatever you want that is crochet related, post it here. Crochet chats or how about pattern or product review, if it is crochet related then it's welcome here!

As long as everyone plays nice, the only rules will be:

~No flaming and putting down other peoples work, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't bother posting.
Constructive criticism is welcome though.
~If the photo is over 500 px on the longest side, or your posting more than 1 photo, please use an LJ Cut.
Yes, there are still some people on dial-up.
~Please tag your entries for mem purposes, especially for patterns.
~And most important: HAVE FUN!!!

Maybe, if we get enough members, we could have challenges or something.

Your friendly neighborhood crochet mods:
midknight_starr & wickedmommy

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